Huairou District People's Government Of Beijing Municipality


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  In Huairou District there are numerous mountains. As described by Xie Qian, a grand secretary during Hongzhi’s reign of Ming Dynasty: “Huairou County brims with lofty hummocks and undulating peaks, which extend for thousands of miles”. In the district, mountainous area makes up 89% of the total area. Amongst those stretching and undulating mountains in Huairou District there are 500 peaks with names, including 24 of them more than 1,000 meter high. It is worth pointing out that the famous Heituo Mountain in the north of Beijing has an altitude of 1,533.9 meters, and the Nanhouding Mountain, which is located in Labagoumen Manchu Township, has an altitude of 1,705 meters and is reputed as the No. 1 Peak in Huairou District. Those vast, verdant, and stretching and undulating mountains constitute a green “Great Wall” and natural defense for Beijing, capital of China.

  Not only are the mountain fields broad, but also rivers and springs are numerous in Huairou District. Needless to say, the water resources are abundant and water quality excellent in the district. In Huairou District there are 17 rivers categorized as above Level 4 that belong to Chaobai River System and Beiyun River System, such as Baihe River, Tanghe River, Tianhe River, Liuli River, Huaisha River, Huaijiu River, Yanqi River, and Bailang River, in addition to 774 mountain springs, including 261 mountain springs with stable surging. Constantly running rivers and springs flow towards the southeastern suburb of Beijing, and converge with other water systems of Beijing suburb, leading to generation of the vast and boundless pluvial-alluvial fan plain.

  Huairou District boasts abundant tourism resources, and it has completed and put into running 26 scenic areas and spots that center on mountains & waters and humanistic landscapes, as well as 15 Class A scenic areas (including one Class AAAAA scenic area, three Class AAAA scenic areas, nine Class AAA scenic areas, and two Class AA scenic areas). Huairou District is equipped with more than 120 hotels, restaurants, training centers, and holiday villages, of which, there are 30-odd star-level hotels, 46 countryside tour reception villages, and more than 3,200 countryside tour households (including 33 municipal-level villages and 1,126 municipal-level households). By constantly consummating its tourism industry, Huairou District has basically cultivated a diversified tourism product pattern that takes natural landscape tour as the foundation, leisure & vacation tour and countryside yummy tour as the trait, and business convention & exhibition tour, film & TV culture tour, and competition event tour as the fashion, which can meet different levels of tourists’ demands.