Huairou District People's Government Of Beijing Municipality


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  Huairou District covers gross land area of 2,122.6 square kilometers, of which, mountainous area makes up 89% of the total. In Huairou District there are 12 towns, 2 townships, 2 sub-district offices, and 284 administrative villages, with total population hitting 388,000 (including 278,000 permanently registered residents and agricultural population of 153,000).

  As one of Beijing City’s suburban counties, Huairou District (116°17′~116°63′ E and 40°41′~41°4′ N) is located in the northeast of Beijing City, and it is 50 kilometers away from “Dongzhimen” neighborhood of Beijing, with gross land area of 2,122.6 square kilometers.

  Huairou District is adjacent to Shunyi District on the south, Changping District on the southwest, Yanqing County on the west, and Miyun County on the east. From its northwestern part to northeastern part, it borders on Chicheng County, Fengning County, and Luanping County of Hebei Province in succession.