Huairou District People's Government Of Beijing Municipality


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  Located in the north of the capital of multiple ancient dynasties Beijing and nestling between green mountains and clean waters, Huairou serves as the main thoroughfare of Yanshan Mountain. Since ancient times, Huairou had symbolized a broadminded mettle. It had seen beacon fires in the battles during the Warring States, cavalry assaults in the military conquests during Qing and Han Dynasties, and underwent thousands of years of transmission and inheritance before becoming present today Huairou which features soaring development.

  In the past, Huairou was a brilliant pearl in East Beijing Development Zone, and an important component of the international exchange center. Today’s Huairou is Beijing’s new high-end culture & technology industry zone and new international convention zone. Also, it is one of the four high-end industry zones subject to focused development by Beijing municipal government.